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Adam J. Brittle

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Adam J. Brittle

Adam J. Brittle is the founder of Divorce Concierge, which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Adam is an attorney who has practiced in the area of family law for over a decade, and has taken part in hundreds of litigated cases over the years. He has successfully argued and prevailed before the Oregon Supreme Court and Oregon Court of Appeals on family law matters. He and his former wife, Jill Brittle, built one of Portland, Oregon’s preeminent family law and divorce firms called Brittle & Brittle P.C.

While divorce and family law is still legally necessary for clients to dissolve a marriage, it became clear in practice that the law was never intended to handle family issues. Historically, the law evolved from addressing problems of crime (punishing) or resolving business disputes (i.e. contracts and transactional disputes). Our adversarial legal system was never designed to handle family law type issues. Child custody, parenting time, personal property divisions, and other emotionally based conflicts are not well suited for our adversarial system.

To address this problem, the firm of Brittle & Brittle P.C. began practicing in the area of collaborative divorce, which largely removes the conflict resolution portion of family law from the courtroom. In that system, the parties agree to keep the dispute out of the courtroom and to resolve all issues with the aid of two collaboratively-trained attorneys. In the collaborative model, the parties may still have disputes, but they use a non-adversarial process to reach agreement for the benefit of their family.

Unfortunately, after 15 years of working together and 10 years of marriage, Adam and Jill Brittle underwent their own divorce. Already being trained in family law and dispute resolution, Adam and Jill took the non-adversarial approach one step further, and created their own agreement to resolve their divorce by themselves. While they are experts in the field capable of handling all aspects of the process, it became apparent that this non-adversarial process is undoubtedly desirable for huge numbers of couples. The truth is, most divorcing couples are able to resolve the vast majority of their disagreements on their own, even if they don’t know the legal process.

As a result, the idea of Divorce Concierge was born. The idea is simple: most couples and families want to preserve their dignity, their family relationships, their assets, and their mutual respect. With the use of an expert mediator highly experienced in the field of family law, most couples can create a full agreement to dissolve their marriage. Then, using a practicing family law lawyer to draft the necessary legal documents, couples can finalize the process. No positional-based arguing is necessary, no cold courtrooms, no judges, no digging out the most painful allegations of the marriage to be used to attack your spouse in a public trial. This process preserves the self-worth of the parties, is expedited, financially predictable, all while allowing couples to gracefully dissolve their marriage in a comfortable setting.

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