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As divorce lawyers who know how the legal system works, we provide the resources to couples looking to end their marriage without painful litigation. Serving clients in Virginia and across the nation, our process is designed to be dignified,peaceful,expedited,graceful,predictable,private,elegant,amiable,kind,respectful,efficient,fair,empowering.

You let us know the amenities you would like for your divorce workshop, and we provide the facilities, mediators, lawyers, and other specialists if necessary. The process takes three days of work in a high-end hotel or resort, with legal divorce documents signed by the parties when you check out.

All for a flat fee.

Best Divorce Lawyers

World-Class LawyersWe utilize only attorneys with the most reputable professional records to draft your important legal documents.

Best Divorce Mediators

Most Effective MediatorsOur sessions will only use only top, peer-recommended mediators with longstanding track records of successful mediation.

Relaxing Environment

Beautiful FacilitiesWe schedule your negotiation session in the best boutique hotels or resorts, so that the process is comfortable while allowing you space to work on the necessary decisions.

The Divorce Process Simplified

By expediting and consolidating the process with experts on hand, we remove the heartache associated with protracted litigation.
Divorce Concierge makes the divorce process easier

Select Your Amenities.

Whether it is massage, golf, yoga, or simply scenery, we will locate and book your event in a high-end hotel or resort with the amenities that will help you get through the process more easily.


Arrive Ready To Work.

Over three days and two nights, work with on-site mediators to create the binding framework of your agreement. Take breaks as necessary.


Complete your Judgment.

Let the mediators and attorneys do the heavy legal lifting to draft your final documents. You will then be assisted in filing the paperwork with the appropriate local court.

"Divorce doesn't need to be war. Divorce Differently."


Predictable Costs
Flat fees mean you know exactly how much it's going to cost going into the process. No runaway legal bills.
Comfortable Environment
You resolve your divorce in the relaxing comfort of a high end hotel or resort, not a anxiety-inducing courtroom.
The difficult work is over in a long weekend, not over the course of 9 months to a year or more in court.
Courtrooms are open forums for couples to hash out private details of their lives. Nobody needs to know, or has the ability to know what's happening during the process with Divorce Concierge.
Tailored To Your Family
Going to trial is the ultimate role of the dice with your children, your schedules, and your property. A mediated judgment means you take part in crafting the terms instead of getting told by a judge who doesn't know your family.
Your Timeline
You let us know what your target date is for the process to occur. You don't need the court setting dates for you.

Sample Cost of Divorce Concierge vs. Litigated Cases*:

  • Montana
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington D.C.
  • Oklahoma
  • Alabama

*Based on average reported costs for high-asset litigation


The average cost

of a litigated divorce by state is


when it involves alimony, with the highest states averaging over


For high net-worth individuals,

that cost by state balloons to


with the highest states averaging


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Clients Say It best

Some lawyers collect stamps. We prefer to collect stars.


Divorce was so difficult to wrap my head around even without the threat of court. Divorce Concierge provided a welcome alternative route during a tough time.

Jen Client

I wish that more people saw the wisdom of resolving their divorce peacefully. Thank you for this process

Sue Client

My ex and I still love each other, but we just no longer wish to be married. This process gave us a way to celebrate the new phase of our relationship without ruining what we still have.

Michael Client

At the end of the day, my ex and I still wanted to be great friends and had to parent our children together after the divorce. Using Divorce Concierge actually brought us closer together as parents.

Mary Client

The legal system is a train wreck when it comes to divorcing families. Thank goodness for this service to make things a bit more peaceful!

Randy Client